It is certainly not because I don’t have anything else to do (see About Me). There are five basic reasons that I can come up with for starting a blog. First, I have had the nagging sense that I should at least try it for a number of years. Second, I write a lot in my work and I could always stand to get better. From what I hear you get better at writing by writing, so here we are. Third, I am a pastor and many of the other pastors that have influenced me have been writers. Of course, they were/are preachers, but also writers. For example, the Apostle Paul. I, for one, am glad Paul picked up a pen. If he hadn’t we wouldn’t have much of a New Testament. Or how about the Reformers and their descendants, the Puritans? Again, these men were preachers, but if not for their writings the movements would have never gained steam. And then modern day, men like Doug Wilson, John Piper, and Tim Keller. I have heard a few of these men’s sermons, but have read far more of what they have written. Fourth, I hope for this to be a way to fill out some gaps in my ministry to the people of Grace Evan. I don’t expect everyone to read what I write, but it is simply another avenue for shepherding. Fifth, this seems to be an open door opportunity to engage the public square. One of the first seminary courses I completed was titled The Pastor in the Public Square and the basic argument of the course was that there was a day when pastors not only saw their responsibilities as at home with the flock, but also sought to engage the culture around them for Christ. The professor argued that this was better. I came to agree, and have come to see the unique opportunity we have in our day to do this through social media outlets such as a blog.