Roseanne Barr and Blood Sacrifice

This brief post should not be read as an endorsement to Roseanne’s recent explosive comments. It is simply an observation of the fallout. Roseanne has become a sacrifice to the gods of the culture, and this situation creates an opportunity for Christians to point to the One True Sacrifice for sin, Christ Jesus the Lord.

Because all people were created in the image of God, everyone has some sense, however vague and confused, of God and his ways. In other words, God created us and stamped eternity in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3:11). So even the most committed pagan knows deep down that sin demands sacrifice. But unless our culture turns to Christ, the last sacrifice, there will continue to be a clamoring for blood.

Roseanne sinned against God and against Valerie Jarrett, plain and simple. Interestingly, you might actually get a hearing right now if this was the only point you wanted to make. But the observation I want to bring to light is the demand for payment. The people might as well have been screaming, “Crucify her!” A slap on the wrist will not do. The sin is deep and the payment must be significant. Boycotted. Blacklisted. The people want blood.

Whether or not Roseanne should have lost her show is not my concern. But I do know that this payment will not suffice in the end. It is not enough. The masses will continue to clamor for more blood because there is a whole lot more sin where that came from. Rosanne was yesterday’s sacrifice, but there will be more today and more tomorrow. Only in Jesus, the last sacrifice, is there full and final payment for sin. His blood was sufficient to pay not only for Roseanne’s sin, but it was efficient to cover all of the sins of all of his people for all time.

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  1. Not to mention the blood sacrifice the Secularists demanded for the “sin” of supporting Donald Trump. I’m pretty sure if Roseanne was in the left’s political camp, they would have found a way to gloss over the Jarrett faux pas.

  2. Thanks Chris for letting us know about your blogposts. Both were excellent! Keep us posted about further additions.

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